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Love yourself and the skin you are in

Updated: Sep 12, 2018

After reading the sad news that a British woman, Leah Cambridge lost her life due to a heart attack during a Brazilian bum lift operation in Turkey.

The clinic claims to have known celebrities on their books that have undergone surgery, which would give you the impression they are a trusted company.

However, every operation can have its complications, even more so when you are abroad.

Despite Leahs husband continuing to support and reasure her of how beautiful she was, Leah was keen to undergo the surgery to remove her 'mum-tum'.

This story has really stuck with me, particularly because of Leah's three children that are now without their mother.

With instagram showcasing the best of people life, filters and photoshop can leave you in a place of comparison and comparison is the thief of joy! We forget that the likes of Kim Kardashian, Ariana Grande and Beyonce would still face the same insecurities that you and I face.

I feel being confident in your body has a lot todo with the things we have learnt due to the media, how we feel about ourselves and how we THINK we should look. As we have learnt how we think we should look, we should 'un-learn' these things and strip back todo things that make ourselves feel good in our own skin.

I will use Kylie Jenner as an example, someone who has been in the public eye from a very young age and has felt the pressure of being in a celebrity family who are known for their looks. Kylie Jenner started the trend of big lips, girls all over the world began to inject fillers into their faces to keep up with the Kardashians!

Three years on, Kylie recently removed her fillers and in my opinion has never looked better. Im using Kylie as an example of how celebrities can influence young girls in particular to follow what they believe is on trend and looks good. I read a meme on instagram about girls getting big lips to look like Kylie Jenner and now Kylie has had them removed there are girls all over the world left with big lips!

A lot of people are looking to be more comfortable in their own skin and think that athestic procedures are way to gain body confidence.

Speaking first hand, I wasn't feeling very confident in myself and decided to have lip fillers, a week after having them I realised it wasn't fuller lips I was missing out on it was self love! Learning to love my little boobs, my petite frame - even my small lips! This made me realise that I had been influenced by the media into thinking looking good will make you feel good, although this can be true to some extent there truly is no feeling like loving yourself inside and out!

Remember that loving yourself isn't solely based on the way you look, how big your bum is or what shoes you are wearing. Think of what you have to offer as a person, recognise your good qualities: are you honest? Are you caring? Are you kind? Are you driven?

If you are having a day where you are feeling a little crappy, write a list of 10 things you love about yourself, this could be your ability to adapt to situations or the freckles on your face...

All of these things make you YOU

Love yourself and the skin you are in!

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