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Emily Ratajkowski's First Beauty Campaign Is For Kérastase

Updated: Jan 18, 2018

It was only a matter of time before. Emily Rata jkowski secured her first major beauty campaign and, today, the actress, activist and model has made her debut as the new face of Kérastase.

Though undeniably something of a bombshell - one glance at her Instagram page will be enough to motivate you to stick to your New Year's resolutions - Ratajkowski has gained a diverse range of fans thanks to her determination to make her name with her outspoken political views and feminism as much as her looks.

“My hairstylist loves Kérastase and introduced me to the brand a long time ago. I’m addicted," Ratjkowski says of the partnership. "Hair is essential to how I express myself. I love that feeling of clean, textured, natural hair - that instantly makes me feel more confident. I consider my hair as the reflection of my inner strength. It’s not an ornament but a way to express myself. I think that’s true for all women.”

"Being a woman today means living life on your terms, defining and pursuing an existence that is entirely your own," Ratajkowski said. "Beauty can be empowering when and if it's thought of as an extension of confidence and uniqueness."

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