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Bespoke Campaign

30-day guaranteed results 

( this package is a set price running for 30day)


We pride ourselves for being the industry-leading, luxury lifestyle and branding social media agency. Only 10% of your following see your organic posts. Digital ads open up your posts to a targeted audience outside of your following. We target posts by location, age group given you incredible results which is why leading industries use our services on regular bases, for there local campaigns.



We see social media and google as a limitless platform, which provides the opportunity to tell your story, engage directly with your target audience and turn consumers into customers. 



How does it work?

(Suitable for brands & influencers ) 


Reach new audiences, discover new clients & increase your revenue.

We offer unique targeting benefits that search engines don’t. You can advertise to a very particular segment of people by determining the relevant demographics and social preferences.


After purchase our campaign experts will consult with you regarding the planning of your campaign, we will then do the boring part of executing, tracking and analysis of the campaign.


We will integrate the marketing across multiple channels – public relations, advertising, social media, content marketing and more. 

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