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Do you own a bespoke boutique? Or are you a designer with unique quality limited edition pieces? Want to have an international reach to introduce your brand to the World?


We have over 500,000 a month visit on our Red Carpet label marketplace page Red Carpet Label Page. We unite our followers with unique designers and the hottest bespoke fashion collections from all over the world providing our customers with a shopping hub. The biggest brands are using us so WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?



WITH NO STARTUP COST! We only take a small commission when our customers buy from your stall or we purchase your items at wholesale price and sell directly on our site.


 Why should I list my products with Red Carpet Label?


  • Red Carpet Label gives you easy access to a faster sales channel. Your target audience is shopping with us right now, so get your product listed and increase sales revenue with no startup cost. Just negotiable wholesale prices.


  • Developing business to consumer relationships costs time and money. With Red Carpet Label, you can fast-track the process, allowing you to get back to the day to day running of your business.


  • Red Carpet Label is a well-established company and partnering with us means your company gets all the benefits associated with a tried, tested and trusted the brand.


  • Red Carpet Labels will even provide you with shipping packaging for your customers!



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